Gruevski way more interesting than nutjob Zaev

    • Time to distract the Macedonian public… look over here, yes, here is Gruevski enjoying himself in a Budapest restaurant – reported USAid financed media in Skopje, ignore the working of Macedonia’s criminal government and their dealings with:
    • Name Change
    • 3 Billion Euros missing
    • All judges are replaced by corrupt SDSM judges
    • Children kicked out from residences so Migrants can take their homes
    • Ex DPMNE MP and ‘terrorist’ Krsto Mukoski was just awarded 684,000 euros Government contract as a payment for the name change vote he gave Zaev in Parliament.  

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  • Zaev is giving up all Macedonian historical figures to Bulgaria

And so we continue… the US financed pro Zaev ‘media’ has kept their main focus on Gruevski for over a month – where is he staying, what does he eat, has he lost weight… would report on anything except the crimes by the Government.

In fact, Macedonia is rapidly becoming a second Ukraine whose economy and GDP, not to mention their international standing was decimated since the US led coup there.