Hasani, Besimi gone, Filipce “offers” his resignation to Zaev


Health Minister, Venko Filipce aka Dr Death informed Friday that he has offered his resignation to the Macedonian Government.

The public was outraged that Filipce did not simply resign, but ‘offered’ his resignation, with many calling for his jailing following Wednesday’s fire at the modular covid center in Tetovo which claimed 14 lives. 

Filipce cites moral responsibility for the tragic event that happened. He initially announced that he would not resign until the investigation into the fire was completed, and only then would he decide whether to step down or not. Is he put it “I didn’t set the place on fire”, so much for his moral compass. But it seems that the pressure from the public was too big, so Filipce changed his decision the following day.

Filipce has been rather efficient as the Health Minister. Macedonia has the highest Covid-death rate in Europe, 3rd in the world. With 1,500 euros monthly salary, Filipce is building a private complex of luxurious villas in Vodno which cost 6m euros. Under Filipce, Macedonians were traveling to Serbia to get vaccines while the good doctor tried to purchase Chinese vaccines through an offshore company owned by himself and Zaev. What a legacy!

Today, the Deputy Minister of Health Ilir Hasani, the director of the Tetovo hospital, Florim Besimi and the economic director Artan Etemi resigned.

A note on the “modular” makeshift hospital that housed few dozen people shouldn’t have been built in the first place. These modular makeshift hospitals are normally built quickly in case of war, so injured can be treated on the field. The sole purpose for this utterly idiotic idea was so several DUI officials could pocket great deal of money for the ‘project’.