Health Minister Venko Filipce crashes his car after picking up waitress from a Restaurant


When things are not going your way…

Filipce in March 2020: I expect there will be no more than 1,500 covid19 cases in Macedonia.

Filipce in Janruary 2021: I expect no one will find out that I eat at Restaurants where I am picking up waitresses during the pandemic using my status.

In both cases Macedonia’s Health Minister was wrong. There are 91,000 covid19 cases as of January 24th, 2021, or 89,500 more than Filipce predicted.

Also, as Filipce picked up a waitress at Vodenica Restaurant in the plush area of Skopje, promising her a good time, he crashed his vehicle into two other vehicles. Both Venko Filipce and his mistress were hurt in the collision, but are expected to quickly recover. Filipce still has to go home to his wife, so there may be some issues there…

But, let’s all hope the Health Minister recovers quickly as there are around two dozen SDSM activists who applaud during Filipce’s press conferences and they haven’t clapped for over a day now.

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