Historian quits joint commission, cites Zaev’s attempts to ‘Bulgarize’ Macedonia right before being removed from power


Historian Vancho Gjorgiev resigned from the historical commission, and issued a statement to the public. He cites 5 reasons for this resignation, and as the first he states the reason that there’s been great deal of “political influence” on the work of the historical commission, particularly after the SDSM elections loss.

He appealed to the other members of the commission not to “bend their spine” and added that he clearly stands in defense of the Macedonian national interests.

Georgiev stated that historical facts in the VII grade textbooks were being changed without his consent, the information in them is dictated by Sofia, while Macedonia Ministry of Foreign Affairs through Bujar Osmani is pressuring members of the Macedonian historical commission to sign just about anything, including the selling of Macedonia’s language and identity to Bulgaria!!?

As a result of this Georgiev resigned his post, effective immediately and asked his colleagues not to sell out Macedonia.

Zaev, in an attempt to “win votes” in the second round and while still in power, he tries to sign yet another quisling treaty under his name, following the high treason with Greece, now it’s Bulgaria.