How do you recognize a Condom who is afraid? Ask Janko Ilkovski


The host of Jadi Burek, Janko Ilkovski, is now supporting SDS’ master of alcoholic beverages, Petre Shilegov for mayor of Skopje.

This is not surprising considering Janko Ilkovski supports whoever is in Government, which reminds me of the CEO of Zegin Blagoja Mehandziski who I’ve personally seen wearing VMRO-DPMNE shirts when they win elections, and SDS shirts when they are installed in power. Though considering he is a businessman, he is simply protecting his multi-million dollar business.

But it’s not just Ilkovski. Has anyone heard a word from Vecer’s Dragan Pavlovic – Latas lately? Precisely. He hasn’t written a single article for six months. He is too afraid to do so.
It’s easy to write articles against someone who is not in power, the trick is to do it when they are in power.

But this is good, the people are able to see who is who.

  • V.M.

    Janko Ilkovski is easily the dumbest person to have ever been given a TV show world-wide. I could never watch him.

  • R_U_Jhoking

    The name of the show says it all.