Huge public support for Lambe Alambakovski, the hero who set Fascist club Vancho Mihajlov on fire


“I am Lambe too” echoes on social networks today where the public expresses strong support for the Macedonian singer, who is detained as a suspect in the fire at the front door of the Bulgarian club “Vanco Mihajlov” in Bitola.

Lambe’s act is a cry for him, and for many, for what has been happening to us in recent years. Denial from abroad and at home, destroying everything that is Macedonian, erasing and changing history, forcing the public discourse to say that you are Macedonian is a shame. Macedonia has suffered bigger defeats in peace than in wars and slavery. Whether one spark is enough for a fire remains to be seen. And time is slowly trampling us, we do not have much to watch and be silent, wrote activist Bozidar Bozinovski.

Support also came in the form of legal assistance, when two well-known Skopje lawyers, Janaki Mitrovski and Dragi Stari Pesevski, volunteered to defend him pro bono, and the Levica party offered to pay the court costs. The party also called for the release of the singer.

In conditions when the institutions of the system are not just failing in protecting the national and state interests, but are the fact destroying them, the move of the already detained Lambe Alambakovski is fully justified. Any other verdict, except acquittal, will be an anti-state act and an attack on the Macedonian statehood, constituted in ASNOM!, said Levica and called for a protest in front of Bitola’s police station.

Bring the fascists down.