Integra and TMRO give Zaev the necessary census in Shtip mayoral race


About 14,500 citizens voted in the elections in Stip and the required census of 33.3 percent has been met, although so far there are no official data from the SEC.

Now counting of the ballots by the election boards follows. The Analytical Center of SDSM will wait for the results, after which it will be known whether a mayor was elected in the first round or there will be a second round on December 27.

In Stip, 41,777 citizens are registered on the voter list, who voted at 77 polling stations. Polling stations are closed, and the counting of votes is currently underway. The citizens of Stip could exercise their right to vote for one of the five candidates for mayor, who would have a mandate of nine months until the regular local elections in 2021.

However, the media reported on numerous irregularities in the voting and that 10-12 thousand denars were given to people in exchange for votes. Once again the SDSM excelled in this endeavor since the other major parties (DPNE, Levica…) boycotted the mayoral elections in Shtip.

There are rumors that Integra and TMRO were handsomely paid to take part in this elections so the SDSM doesn’t go at it alone.

Meanwhile, the SDSM is already celebrating the mayoral win in Shtip… of course ensuring the local covid19 guidelines are followed of not gathering in crowds.