Ivanov was scared into submission with US Army intervention during coup


MINA’s sources close to Ivanov have told us that the Macedonian president considered calling in the army during the coup on April 27th when MPs from a wild (albanian) tribe sang their national anthem in Parliament, followed by SDS traitors who raised both of their hands to count and vote themselves in power while in the hallways of Parliament.

Ivanov considered bringing in the army and jailing all the terrorists from DUI and the SDS, however Macedonian taitors on US Embassy payroll and advisors to the president bluffed Ivanov into submission, lying to him that the US Army from Kosovo (Bondsteel) was ‘ready’ and prepared to attack Macedonia if Ivanov prevented the coup!

Horhe Ivanov fell for this incredibly bizarre and idiotic bluff. Astonishingly, the president actually believed the US would attack a sovereign European country, risk losing hundreds of soldiers and a PR nightmare for Trump over a Murtino pyscho named Zaev!?

MPs from the DPNE were bought not to act in Parliament (remember the DPNE quisling Vladimir Gjorcev protecting Zaev – he works for Baily). Must be pointed out that not everyone was in on it and paid for their submission, a handful (5) DPNE MPs who did act and tried to prevent the coup, all ended up in jail. It works the same as bribing a football team, you don’t bribe the whole team, only the key players.

As for Ivanov, what an embarrassment! First, US Assistant to the Deputy of EuroAsian Affairs Hoyt Yee bluffed him out of his shoes to sign off the Government to Zaev. Later it was revealed Hoyt Yee did not follow official instructions from the US, instead still worked on Viktoria Nuland’s agenda – and was promptly fired by Tillerson. Yes, Ivanov was bluffed by a fourth rate US diplomat who lost his job the following day.
Next, Ivanov’s own quisling advisors did the same, scared him into submission alleging few hundred transgender US soldiers from Kosovo were ‘ready’. That’s all it took!

Anyone can be a president or prime minister during peace. My grand-mother can manage Macedonia when everything is fine, and she is blind.

It’s what you do when things get rough. Gruevski and Ivanov have miserably failed the country and the people. None of what has happened would be possible if either Ivanov or Gruevski simply followed the law and the Constitution they were sworn-in to protect.

  • Goran Stavreski

    Ivanov is pretty terrible, but wait when the psychos install another Zaev as president…

  • V.M.

    That’s what happens when you put children into positions of power.

  • LXV

    It’s not an excuse! All involved parties and individuals (including their broader families) must and will bear responsibility for their acts of treason, be it in this life or the next one…