Kenyan President evacuated by US/UK Helicopters after violent protests


This didn’t age well. Kenyan citizens have stormed Nairobi and surrounded the presidential palace.

At least eight people were shot and killed in Kenya on Tuesday after riot police clashed with anti-tax protesters in the capital, Nairobi, according to local media.

KTN News has published videos showing officers firing gunshots to disperse a crowd trying to storm the National Assembly as lawmakers passed a finance bill introducing controversial taxes. Reuters also reported that its correspondent counted at least five bodies outside the parliament after police began shooting. Tear gas and water cannons had already failed to stop the demonstrators.

The Kenya Human Rights Commission has stated that it witnessed the police shooting four people, killing one. “We strongly condemn the police killing. Such actions are unacceptable and constitute a grave violation of human rights. Justice and accountability are imperative. We will vigorously push for police accountability,” the NGO wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

Meanwhile US and British helicopters have whisked the president and his staff to safety as his palace became surrounded. More and more protesters were seeing carrying Russian flags.