Kondovo on fire, SDS ministers vacationing in Italy, Spain


Yet another village is on fire in Macedonia, this time it’s Kondovo, near the Macedonian capital.
Firemen have been unable to enter the village because there are too many people in vehicles trying to get out. To make the situation even more chaotic, the fires downed the electricity transformers, so now there is no power in the area.

Meanwhile, SDS Forestry Minister Ljupco Nikolovski whose job is to prevent/act in this type of situations, has been gone for over a week on vacation in Spain. Just when everyone thought he will finally come back to deal with the disastrous situation, Nikolovski extended his vacation, this time to Italy.

Dozens of houses and over 30km of forestry has been lost in the fires that continue to rage across the country.

  • jj

    Please Macedonians – just ask Russia for help it you are overwhelmed. I’m sure it would be glad to help.

    • R_U_Jhoking

      They can not help if the people ask only if the govt asks, which they will never do.

      • jj

        What if the people were to go to the Russian Embassy and request help? Perhaps that would pressure the Macedonian government to act.