Kosovo frees terrorist wanted in Macedonia for murder of policemen


What we predicted would happen under Zaev is happening much faster than anyone could anticipate.

Lirim Jakupi – Nazi convicted in Macedonia for attack and murder of Macedonian policemen in 2004 and 2014 has been freed by a Kosovo Court.

MINA reported nearly 8 years ago that Jakupi was recruited by the CIA back in 2000 and was heavily involved in numerous terrorist attacks on Macedonian police. Skopje based Courts tried and convicted Jakupi in absentia to 30 years prison sentence.

As is the norm with CIA assets who are recruited to commit terrorism in Macedonia, Kosovo Courts “jailed” Jakupi for dubious charge of weapons possession in order to protect him from being extradited to prison in Macedonia.

However, now with Jess Baily in charge of Macedonia, the Macedonian Government will not issue an Interpol arrest warrant for Jakupi, nor will it request Kosovo to extradite him.

Both Zaev and Dimitrov have not issued a statement on Jakupi’s release despite being a wanted man by Macedonian Courts.