Kumanovo mayor intimidated by Policemen associated with SDSM


The independent candidate for mayor of the municipality of Kumanovo, Maksim Dimitrievski held a press conference where he informed about the pressure that occurred today by SDSM affiliated police officers.

For the third week in a row, there is unprecedented torture and pressure by some police officers in the Municipality of Kumanovo. As a candidate for mayor, myself and all my supporters and activists from the headquarters “For our Kumanovo” are subject to physical and other surveillance by individuals employed in the Ministry of Interior. Namely, today, after I left work and went to my family doctor to go for a regular examination and therapy, we went there with Dejan Dimitrievski who was driving the vehicle. We were followed at all times by a white Skoda Octavia, which had no flashes and other accompanying elements, but it was a police vehicle since it had police plates, said Dimitrievski and added that the vehicle he was followed with was driven by the driver of the current chief of the Kumanovo police Stojance Velickovic.

After they saw him, they were stopped by three police officers who approached the driver in a very unprofessional way and asked for his documents, and they refused to answer any of Dimitrievski’s questions.

We were stopped for about an hour and a half. I asked them for an explanation, because there is no explanation why we were stopped. They said it was a routine control, they blocked the traffic on the street. On several occasions, they themselves violated the traffic law, said Dimitrievski.

According to him, this is just a continuation of the attempt to intimidate the people from his team and himself as a candidate.