Legal Racket: Heating company takes 12,439 from Macedonian Pensioner over ‘owing’ 1 denar


MINA has reported extensively that Macedonia is a mafia state where racketeering both private and state sponsored is legal. This started unfortunately back during the DPNE days with the introduction of state licensed executors who are sent by private and public entities to collect money.

In many instances, citizens who allegedly owe 100 denars (1.7 euros), end up paying 35,000 denars (600 euros) fine. As a result of the mafia-like law, dozens of private companies, in particular the large utilities company such as EVN, BEG and water utilities have started criminal activities whereby they simply invent fake “bills” for their customers of alleged missed payments who are immediately sent to state executors for collection.

Austrian based electrical company EVN is by far the biggest criminal perpetrator of this. EVN often invents fake bills dating as far as 20 years ago, even before EVN existed in Macedonia. EVN hopes there is zero chance a customer can prove they’ve paid decades old electricity bill. For instance, if you’re lucky enough to have kept receipts that you’ve paid your electric bill for April 2002, EVN will simply say “ok, so it appears a mistake was made”. There is no apology of the apparent fraud by EVN and the fact they are simply inventing bills, if they get caught (and they often do), they just move on to the next victim. If you don’t have a receipt that you’ve paid a particular bill 15 or 20 years ago, you are on the hook for the alleged bill, plus 10,000% on top of it.

Such was the case with Macedonian pensioner Krste Serafimov. The heating utility company B.E.G created a bill out of thin air, a bill that Serafimov never got nor saw, for the whopping amount of 1 denar (0.016 euros). Serafimov says he has always paid his bills in full and doesn’t know where did the 1 denar bill come from, nor anyone from B.E.G has contacted him about the supposed bill.

But this is where it gets good. The B.E.G for the supposed 1 denars heating bill, have hired a state licensed executor which it paid over 5,000 denars so it could collect 1 denar from Krste Serafimov!? At first, this looks absolutely insane. However, if you consider that Macedonia is a mafia state where the companies who send out fake bills and the state licensed executors closely collaborate and share the spoils, then this legal racket makes perfect sense.

For his alleged 1 denar (0.016 euros) bill by the B.E.G mafia, Serafimov is now on the hooks for 12,439 denars (201.68 euros).


Serbia, copied Macedonia’s law for the establishment of licensed state executors who collect money. Just as in Macedonia, Serbia too saw dramatic increase of fake bills by the utilities companies who dispatched state licensed executors to collect money. However, roughly six months ago, official Belgrade abruptly abolished the law due to the fact multiple licensed state executors were shot and killed by disgruntled residents.