Levica: SDSM Criminals are destroying the most fertile land in Ovce Pole for Solar Park


The Levica party accused the Zaev Government of planning to destroy 452 hectares of exceptional quality arable land for a solar park that could easily be placed anywhere.

Zaev is announcing a contract with the French Akuo Energy company, but the company apparently has local subcontractors linked to the Zaev regime which led to speculations that the land near Sveti Nikole will be misused.

This is the most fertile portion of the Ovce Pole plateau where grain is grown to feed the inhabitants and their cattle. The solar park will also affect the local water canals that supply all other fields in the area, as well as existing wells. It could disturb the entire environment of the area. There is low quality land just few kilometers away, that is not being irrigated and could easily be appropriated for this use, Levica said in a statement.

According to the Government, the project will led to the creation of a 400 megawatt powerplant worth 270 million EUR that will add about 15 percent to the domestic energy production.