Local quisling modifies monument of Macedonian killed by Bulgarian fascists


Local quisling has modified a WW2 monument dedicated to Blagoj Jankov – Murcheto who was gunned down by Bulgarian fascists on July 14, 1944.

Someone used a marble saw of sorts to scrape off the word “Bulgarian” from the monument describing how Blagoj Jankov died. The original phrase read “Bulgarian bullets”.

Jankov was a Macedonian partisan who was betrayed by local quislings who gave his location to Bulgarian fascists police who looked for him. The tatar military police were so thrilled to have Jankov killed, they dragged his body through the streets of Strumica as an example to other Macedonians who would dare to attack Bulgarian soldiers.

Strumica itself, under Zaev had no problem with this fact in 2013 as it marked the 69th anniversary of Jankov’s death. A press release from the city of Strumica clearly states Jankov was given up by local quislings and killed by Bulgaria’s fascist police.

In 2017, Zaev for reasons known only to him has agreed to change Macedonia’s history, and to create ‘shared’ history with Bulgarian fascists who have nothing to do with Macedonia and whose history is based on obvious fabrications, ludicrous theories, and now seek to ‘modify’ facts.

As for Zaev and a handful of local quislings in prominent positions within the Swarovski Judicial system who are clearly backing this insane agenda, whether soon, or in the not too distant future will face justice, and it won’t be pretty.