Low ranking MoI clerks take the fall for Zaev & Spasovski in Government’s Passport-for-Cash scandal


Four Interior Ministry clerks and one accomplice pleaded guilty in the mafia passports case – the scandal in which it was revealed that the Ministry was massively issuing passports to regional and international criminals and drug lords, with over 200 such passports given in the past several years. Government officials were pocketing between 25-50,000 EUR per passport.

The scandal was revealed by the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party, which alleged that top Ministry officials, including Minister Oliver Spasovski, were involved. He responded by quickly arresting a dozen clerks and accusing them of being the first and last people in the conspiracy.

Denis Barufi, Alen Licina, Georgi Velkov, Faruk Bilja and Raif Miftari accepted the charges today. Another of the defendants, Nazdrie Zekovic, who is a personal friend of Minister Spasovski, did not attend the court hearing citing health issues, but announced that she too will not fight the charges. Meanwhile, Faruk Buki, Vesna Kolevska, Olivera Sofronievska, Branislava Vladicevska and Shemsedin Jashari declared that they are not guilty.

In Court proceedings unfathomable for the Macedonian Justice system, all of the above received absurdly light sentences of 24 months (allegedly) in prison, while one clerk was freed. MINA finds the proceedings were ridiculously staged and lasted mere 20 minutes. The clerks had agreed to the extremely light sentences beforehand and each clerk will be paid handsomely for taking the fall for Spasovski and Zaev. In fact, MINA finds, the clerks listed above volunteered to get paid by pleading guilty and serving roughly two years in prison where they’ll be allowed to go home every weekend.

Mafia bosses who received Macedonian passports and identity cards – under assumed identities of actual applicants – included Sedat Peker, Serbian hitmen, Arabian money launderers, ISIS commanders.

According to the Macedonia’s banana Court system, the mobsters simply got their passport connections not through top police and Government officials, but through the cleaning ladies at MoI and 250 euros/month clerks.