Macedonia continues to be terrorized by Zaev: Sure, you can vote with an expired ID


Macedonians continue to be terrorized by SDSM charlatan Zoran Zaev after his latest announcement that people with expired documents can vote in elections.

SDSM imbecile Oliver Spasovski who heads the Ministry of Interior has changed the software for issuing IDs expecting a law of ethnicities where anyone can state their ethnicity on their ID will pass in Parliament. However, thus far, this idea has not transpired into a law. As a result, over 40,000 people who have expired IDs are not able to obtain their IDs, despite paying for them.

Oliver Spasovski for his absurdly idiotic and unlawful action should be jailed and sued by 40,000 people. These people now don’t have access to Banks and can’t conduct business in any shape or form.

But charlatan Zaev is coming to the rescue. He claims that efforts will be made to have people with expired IDs, or no IDs vote in local elections. You can simply say “my ID expired”, says Zaev.