Macedonia – land of the idiots, home of the stupid


Macedonia has been suffering an outbreak of especially virulent and acute stupidity recently. It has spread much faster than any virus ever could encompassing all of society: Universities, Government administration, health facilities, Courts, indeed all aspects of life in Macedonia.

No one is immune to this virus. Some are even walking without balls as a result of it, ask Hristijan Mickoski.

Macedonia is a former country where the Health Minister took 12m euros of the people’s money to purchase vaccines, spent only half and pocketed the rest by purchasing expired vaccines. Thanks to the Dunning-Kruger effect sweeping Macedonia, he is still the Health Minister.

Macedonia is a former country where everyone gets free state health insurance, but not a single individual can afford it.

Macedonia is one of those rare stupid gems where the Government takes massive foreign loans at 8% interest in order to pay people’s pensions while constantly indebting the nation further. Money from the state budget are pocketed by Government officials via contracts such as “Fence removal – 700,000 euros”, “20 meters of greenery with six flowers on it – 600,000 euros”… you get the idea.

Residents in Macedonia spend 40% of their paycheck on utilities and no one seem to mind or is protesting. An 8 hour job shift lasts 10-12 hours, but they don’t get paid for the remaining few hours. No one seem to care, their IQ is simply too low to comprehend the abuse.

According to multiple sources, a severely mentally disabled individual Zoran Zaev (convicted and pardoned twice) runs Macedonia and the marijuana business in the country, has changed the country’s name, sold their history to the neighbors, yet no one seem to care.

Recent Parliamentary elections were a massive fraud noted by all parties involved. The bought opposition was too bought and too stupid to protest. The US Ambassador and NED kept the opposition busy with spaghetti and munchmallow. Only in Macedonia, a party made up of well known criminals that’s constantly in the news for criminal activities forms a Government coalition!

Macedonia is a former country where no politician is allowed to utter its name: Just yesterday headless chicken Radmila Sekerinska congratulated Macedonia’s Army day with the words “our army, in our country, proud of our army, our army is great for our country”. A rather impressive level of stupidity.

Macedonia is a former country where a Court case will surpass your life span. Where the Constitutional Court recuses itself from all matters related to Macedonia’s constitution.

A man with 7m euros in a Macedonian Bank that was illegally closed will only get 30,000 euros back. The director of the FODSK depositors fund Borce Hadziev who will give this man the 30,000 euros, somewhat short of his 7m euros, is the same Borce Hadziev who bribed voters in Strumica with Vice Zaev.

Do this to an American and he will burn half of the city. Do this to a Macedonian, and he will do nothing.

That’s the difference.