Macedonia marks Airforce day with weird exhibition


Macedonia marked their Airforce day with what some may consider a strange exhibition.
7 military aircraft were tasked to fly over the Macedonian capital to mark the occasion, flying in low formation at just 100m.

What attracted our attention are the ‘fighter planes’ that flew above the capital. Sure, they don’t look mean like actual fighter planes, but these are very effective. The pilot can roll down his window at any moment and drop all sorts of things: fliers, candy or grenades if over enemy territory.

Another great thing is they are too slow and most radars would have trouble picking them up… which makes them stealth.

But on a serious note, is it not somewhat embarrassing to parade training (student) aircraft?


  • V.M.

    My question is, when pilots are done “training”, what do they do? There are no fighter planes, so do they just keep training?

    • Anita

      No, they get a Bulgarian passport and work in the EU

  • Billy

    The US freaked out when we used the Su25 in 2001. No one was allowed to assist us at the time, only Ukraine had the balls to give us fighter jets and attack helicopters.
    The Su25 killed a lot of waterpolo terrorists… once the conflict was over the first thing NATO (US) asked us to do was to “retire” the Su25…
    Our traitors complied.
    So that’s why now you have school planes flying on airforce day.