Macedonia U21 loses to an actual Rock


So the new generation of U21 players may not be as good as the previous one who made it to the European Championship this summer.

This became evident when today, Macedonia U21 lost to Gibraltar, commonly referred to as “the Rock”, because of this:


The match ended 1-0 to Gibraltar, their first ever win in the history of the rock people. In a way, this is good for Macedonia as well, now our name (soon to be changed) will become enshrined in Gibraltar’s football federation. It will stay there forever. Nobody will change it.

Our players were visibly upset with the loss, with Popzlatanov picking up a red card at the end of the match.

It became evident the new generation has big shoes to fill and they can’t fill them, and not just metaphorically. For instance, while I and my 10 year old nephew were watching the previous U21 match against Serbia, we noticed that some of our players came in miniature sizes.

During a “fight” between Petkovski and a Serbian player, my 10 year old nephew exhaled “well, I can beat that kid, look at him!”. Sadly, a 10 year old kid, called a 21 year old man, a kid.

Not to ostracize our players, but the reason why Petkovski, a complete unknown, suddenly was included (as a captain no less) in the team is not due to his skills, but because his father is high ranking SDS official, and is the new public prosecutor, appointed by Zaev. Nepotism = 1:0 loss to Gibraltar.