Macedonian Army breaks laws by illegally protecting SDS traitors


Who is abusing the Macedonian Army recently seen in front of the home of SDS deputy Dalibor Bogdanovski in Sopishte? This is outside of the constitutional and legal framework, is the question that both the media and public poses these days.

The public opened the dilemma about this, after the media reported that besides the police, the SDS MP from Sopishte is also guarded by the army. According to eyewitnesses, there were at least 30 soldiers in the immediate vicinity of the MP’s house.

Dalibor Bogdanovski is an important asset to the SDS, but also to the Albanian Government as multiple sources have outed him as a senior operative working for the Albanian secret service (SHIK)
. The DPNE knew for over a decade that most SDS MPs are operatives and serve the Bulgarian, Albanian, Greek, US and British secret service, yet not a single individual was arrested.

Apart from the army, over 80 police officers were present, who used forceful measures and pushed the crowd that protested against the decision to adopt the law on bilingualism.

According to the law, the army can be reallocated to provide protection for facilities and persons only in case of a state of war where it is vital to protect the functions that decide and create a strategic plan for defense of the country. In peacetime, the ARM is engaged to guard the President of the Republic of Macedonia, who at the same time is the supreme commander of the forces. Generals in the general staff receive security from the ARM.

The military also protects facilities, but only those under the authority of the army and vital significance for its functioning, such as the General Staff and the residence of the Supreme Commander.

Hence the question arises, who gave the command, contrary to the law and the constitution, to put the Army in the service of a SDS party official? Who put the ARM in a situation to oppose its own people? And, where did the utter arrogance come from to bring in the army on the streets in a time of peace?

On these issues we tried to ask for an answer from the Ministry of Defense, but there was no response.

  • Its Just Me

    Yes, true…
    Why dont the Albanians protect SDS, a tit for tat?
    SDS got them the law and Ahmeti does not protect them..?

  • V.M.

    It is absurd to talk of the law with an SDS criminal junta in charge….

  • Its Just Me

    If Ivanov orders the army I can certainly see the law 🙂
    he is the only guy to command the army. Love this guy