Macedonian Constitution: 81 MPs needed for 2/3 majority


Before the vote took place yesterday, everyone was aware that the Macedonian Constitution clearly outlines the requirement of 81 MPs needed for a 2/3rd majority.

We are not sure what Zaev was celebrating? If our math is correct, 80 < 81.

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  • Maco

    Macedonia is a circus state as it is full of farken clowns. Except the clowns are not funny at all. They just bring misery and despair to the Macedonian people. President Ivanov needs to pack up the curcus and move the clowns on and out of the country. Maybe he can’t or won’t because he is a clown himself. Mickovski and the dpmne have already bought their clown suits and can’t wait to join the circus.

    • Car Samoil Ohrid 🇲🇰

      I agree with you Maco , I live in Sydney, and really hurts me when I hear what’s happening to our country it’s getting ripped in pieces, Ivanov head of state, what the fuck is he waiting for, if this was in a Democratic country they will bring in the army and throw that piece of shit out and the rest of the shiptari with him and never see daylight,
      Can someone please tell me why isn’t Ivanov stepping in??

      • V.M.

        VMRO sold out the country and Ivanov…
        Ironically, it was Gruevski’s relatives who placed the main dagger. Mijalkov (his cousin). The crazy bitch Aleksandrova who voted is Mijalkov’s cousin…

        Why do you think Gruevski is nowhere to be found… (acted all brave with a 2 year jail sentence) while his cousins are working in the background selling out…
        And guess what, Gruevski is walking free as well..

        • Car Samoil Ohrid 🇲🇰

          Thanks V.M I appreciate your answer, I really was all for VMRO , loved Ivanov , I guess that makes sense, as a head of state he should take full control of the country not hide behind closed doors, I am really pissed off 😤
          Thanks for your info.

    • V.M.

      I gave up on Macedonia many, many years ago, even remember the day.
      When we recognized Taiwan… that was it for me. Back then I realized that we cannot be a country… prior to us, the US couldn’t pressure even islands of 10,000 people to recognize Taiwan… for our Government, all it took was $1m to Vasil Tupurkovski and boom. That recognition opened the door for China to remove UN peacekeepers from Kosovo’s border which led to 2001.
      Conclusion: I can think of 10000 reasons why Macedonia is a failed state, and now a failed protectorate, just like Kosovo.
      I’ve said it before, will say it again, if you got some money, buy yourself little bit of land in Russia, you’ll be at peace.

  • Jole

    I am embarrassed to say I’m Macedonian, from a proud people this is to what we’ve become, TRAITORS. To those countries doing this to us all I can say is “ What goes around comes around “. The other sad thing about this is that the people won’t do anything about it, if this was any other place or country they would have disappeared long ago. Definitely A Sad Day In My Country of Birth.

    • Maco

      Jole I share the pain. As much as it hurts for me to say it the Macedonians are weak cowards. To not fight for your biblical name, identity and history is a disgrace. Without it the Macedonian people no longer exist. If this isn’t a reason to fight then god help their souls because nothing will make them fight.

  • ste kar

    Pray there Russians step in and up hold democracy on behalf of the Citizens who have been force fed 2 pro west parties who ignored all laws and will of the Majority.

    Macedonia has been played and Ironically only Greece can save us by Rejecting us.

    Russia spend some money in Greece the way the West did in Macedonia Please!!!

  • Pavlina Pikova

    So it is qualified , Good to know!

    Anyway according to Wikipedia:

    Common supermajorities/ A two-thirds vote
    A two-thirds vote, WHEN UNQUALIFIED, means two-thirds or more of the votes cast….;

  • Wolf

    To the VRMO MP’s who have taken to bribe. You need to GIVE BACK the money. Because currently the Law in Macedonia only protects (1 person) Zaev. Remember he is on Video for taking bribes in the past.

    So think about it!!!
    If this path still continues, then in the future when Zaev wins. All he will do is jail all VRMO MP’s for accepting the bribe. He probably has them on video accepting the bribe. He will crush all the MP’s because he has the Evidence. And he does. And then He will take Back the Bribe and Pocket it.

    Zaev is playing a Huge Bluff Game with the entire Country.
    If you’re an MP who has taken the Bribe.
    Return the Money NOW. Go to Jail and you will be Innocent. Don’t spend a cent.

    And to the REST don’t accept the bribe. You are innocent. you cant make up a story against Innocence.
    And if VRMO have all MP’s in Jail then technically The parliament cant work. If they stay home the Parliament cant work. Same Same.

    You will never be Guilty for not taking the Bribe.
    BUT you will be made more Powerful!!!!!

  • Jole

    Where the hell is Ivanov anyway, how much did he get now to hide like the rest of the KURVI.

  • P. Petro

    Macedonian Constitution clearly outlines the requirement of 81 MPs needed for a 2/3rd majority? Can I have the link or article of the constitution please?

  • P. Petro

    Article 131 of Constitution
    <> NOT CLEAR IF 2/3 MAJORITY IS 80 OR 81 MPs.

  • P. Petro

    Article 131 of the Constitution says:
    The decision to initiate a change in the Constitution is made by the Assembly by a two-thirds majority vote of the total number of Representatives.

  • P. Petro

    I want to address my question to Ms Marija Nikolovska, who wrote the article. Anyone knows her email or facebook/twitter page?