Macedonian Constitutional Court gagged by US Ambassador, Fraudulent referendum coming up


Macedonia has lost all control of its judicial system. Now our judges respond to one person and one person only, the US Ambassador Jess Baily, a CIA operative and Obama appointee who is directly behind the coup in Macedonia.

MINA has spoken to an Appelate Court Judge who openly stated the Constitutional Judges might as well be on a permanent annual vacation, as they are not allowed to review a dozen lawsuits against the Przino Agreement, against the illegal election of Parliament speaker Talat Xhaferi, the illegal language law etc.

“Baily (US Ambassador) has told them to stay away from the ‘changes’ pushed by the US Embassy, and they (judges) are nowhere to be found. Macedonia has no constitutional court. We have no judicial system, it’s been suspended” – says the appelate court judge.

Since Macedonia has no judiciary, it is unable to come out of this massive treason via democratic means. The US and the British Embassies in Macedonia brought Zaev to power via a coup. He can be removed from office only through the same means, certainly not through democratic procedures as democracy in Macedonia hasn’t been available since 2015, courtesy of our strategic “partners”.

Why is Jess Baily scheduling referendum for the name change? It’s very simple. No one can force a change from the outside, to make it look somewhat legal, the US Ambassador is pushing for a referendum, which will be 100% fraudulent, just like the previous elections. Defeating this referendum is almost impossible at this point. First, the question for the referendum will be somewhat idiotic, in an effort to trick people to go out and vote. The result is of secondary importance because the tally will be changed, just like the last national and local elections. The question will be of this nature: “Do you want to keep Macedonia as the country’s name?” People will flock to answer “Yes”, which is what saboteur Baily needs – attendance.
The results will be flipped to “No” – Zaev’s psychos are the ones who control, gather, ‘count’ and report the results.

Then it wouldn’t matter whether Ivanov signed the agreement or not. The people have decided. Baily has thought of everything.

Should people not fall for the referendum trap, there will be early fraudulent elections. Despite Zaev being despised by good 90% of the country, both the SDS and DUI will “win” the elections, this time with 2/3rd majority in Parliament. That’s when the real trouble starts.

Any way you look at it, the country is in a terrible position which cannot be resolved via democratic means. And if you think the clowns at DPNE will help, think again. The DPNE sold out the country three years ago, their only concern now is access to their bank accounts across the EU and the Caymans.

  • LXV

    Yup, that’s about it. At this point, peaceful protests in front of Parliament are useless.

    What we have left are two choices: either rise up and crush this fascist lawless regime by force, or (the better solution) block and completely paralyse the entire country: highways and all major roads, border crossings, airport, train stations and railroad tracks, EVERYTHING!!! 24 hours a day as well, not just for an hour or two…

    • jj

      It was when Macedonia stood its ground at the Greek-Macedonia border that the main flood of the migrant scammers stopped.
      I see in articles and news they say it was a EU-Turkish agreement, but that agreement came AFTER the migrant movement was stopped. Plus that EU-Turkish agreement hasn’t amounted to much. I think only a few hundred migrants have been returned to Turkey through that.

  • jj

    This is getting more and more revolting. Does the Russian government care? I mean, Montenegro is now part of NATO even though most Montenegrins didn’t want that, and Russia has huge investments and property there.
    It doesn’t seem Russia gives any help or hope at all to countries being set up to be or which are being devoured by the U.S. for its own evil mafia-esque agenda (which has a general, continuous and long-term anti Russian thrust.)

    • V.M.

      Russia can’t help people that are not willing to help themselves. If people allow an illegitimate Govt to change a country’s name, then what can someone from outside do?

      • jj

        If Russia had given some support or hope all these years, if it had its own agents or policies to counter the VERY VERY HEAVY MEDDLING AND MONEY of foreign powers, if it had suggested or offered a trade alliance, major free trade agreements and so on, then the people wouldn’t have become so hopeless and lost.
        Many people are not fighting because there’s been a continuous brainwashing against and erosion of the patriot and true democratic powers due to constant foreign (western) subversion.

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