Macedonian designer at Mercedes asks Government junta to never mention his name


Slavce Tanevski, an exterior designer at automotive giant Mercedes, asked all government institutions who use North in their name to never contact or mention his name, unless they are from Northern Ireland or North Korea.

Tanevski’s reaction comes after the Ministry of Diaspora used his name both on FB and their website without his approval. He sent them a message through his FB profile:

Hello, Slavce Tanevski here. I am asking you to remove all of your Facebook posts that apply to me and my career. Please do the same on your website as well. I do not want my name to be tied in any shape or form with the term North MACEDONIA. Thank you in advance!

Tanevski asked all Macedonians to follow his example.

The Government junta is fishing for backing of Macedonians around the world, only to get embarrassed every single time.