Macedonian elections on July 15th, great chance to serve coronavirus to all voters


The State Electoral Commission decided that the elections, planned for July 15, will last 14, instead of the usual 12 hours. Polling stations will open as usual, at 7 in the morning, but will close at 9pm.

Voters who have Covid-19 or are in mandatory self-isolation will vote on July 13, while other feeble voters or prisoners will vote on July 14 – as usual, a day ahead of the elections. Introducing a special day for diagnosed Covid-19 patients is meant to assure voters that it will be safe to vote on the main day of elections. As for those who have the virus (like most in Chair, Saraj, Lipkovo, Kumanovo…), but refuse to undergo tests, that’s a whole different story.

Electoral teams made up of healthcare professionals will be organized to conduct the voting for Covid-19 patients. It is estimated that 500 medical professionals will have to be engaged in this process.

We are working to ensure the highest possible level of protection of the health of our voters.That also applies to the 35.000 public sector employees who are going to man the polling stations. Also, the movement through the polling stations will be modified, said Oliver Derkoski, President of the State Electoral Commission.

The period of pre-election silence, when parties are not allowed to campaign, will begin on July 12 at midnight. Voters who contract the coronavirus seven days before the elections, or who are ordered into self-isolation in this period, will not be allowed to vote.

Knowing Macedonia, the chances of this being mismanaged currently stand around 100%.