Macedonian Government Junta bows to request by US Ambassador to kick out Russian diplomat


The Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Macedonia reacted fiercely in its official Twitter profile, calling the decision to expel a Russian diplomat as “provocation” and “unprecedented act” in the Macedonian-Russian relations.

“The Government of the Republic of Macedonia has decided to expel a Russian diplomat. Full responsibility for the consequences of this provocation and an extremely unfriendly act of unprecedented Russian-Macedonian relations will be borne by the Macedonian side, “reads the reaction of the Russian embassy on Twitter.

The request for Macedonia to expel a Russian diplomat came at the behest of the US Ambassador in the country Jess Baily is the unofficial Governor of Macedonia.

Croatia was coerced doing precisely the same thing a moment ago, they too expelled 1 Russian diplomat. But not every nation is a lapdog. Austria from the get-go said it would not follow US and British orders.

The Macedonian criminal government junta issued a press release in which it states:

  • Tony

    Zaev is a muppet, on what grounds do you expel the Russian diplomat.

    Zaev and Co are expelling our true friends of our nation.
    It’s a matter of when not how Zaev will be in Jail.

    • LXV

      Crpko will be extremely fortunate if he ends up in prison. Macedonians want to see him hanged on Bukefal’s testicles!

  • Its Just Me

    Wow.. I was wondering which mistake by Zaev might wipe him out.. Is this perhaps “the one”?
    Russia is our friend…
    This is so bad and scary.. How can he do this..?
    But then again, Zaev has not recognized Macedonia (“this country”)..

  • Goran Stavreski

    Orders come from Washington, not the EU. The EU are about 200 of unelected officials all on Washington’s payroll in one form or another.

  • Legenda Patriot

    More stupidity from this imbecile with dangerous consequences for our country. When is the day coming when we will cleanse our country of this disease?