Macedonian Govt reports 26 coronavirus cases


A total of 26 coronavirus patients have been confirmed in Macedonia by 12 pm today, the Health Ministry informed.

The Ministry of Health informs that today the number of people with coronavirus in the country by 12 pm is 26 people. This morning 10 patients were tested. The three patients tested positive, who were tested at the Zan Mitrev Clinic, and the Institute of Public Health performed control tests, which confirmed the previous result. The condition of all patients is stable, the ministry said.

The Minister of Health held a meeting with the Commission on Infectious Diseases this morning and attended the government’s crisis team meeting.

More information will follow at Health Minister Venko Filipce’s press conference scheduled for 2 pm in the government building.

MINA finds from senior doctor at the Infections Clinic, the true numbers of coronavirus cases in Macedonia to be in the 100’s with more than half of them in the Macedonian capital. For instance, at the State Clinic an entire family of 5 tested positive, however, the Government counted 1 positive during their press conference. MINA finds the number of coronavirus cases in Macedonia to be at least 450 – this came from multiple doctors who have seen the results first hand.

To make matters way worse and to showcase the level of stupidity among Government officials, schools and coffee shops are closed, yet public transit buses are packed with passengers, soldiers are transported in trucks lined up like sardines, while students hang out in large groups at parks, playgrounds etc. You might as well open up the coffee shops and malls.