Macedonian Kangaroo Courts: 3 years for murder, 4 years for hair pulling


Skopje resident A.T. (18), who back on August 14, 2019 was charged with the murder of Nikola Hristovski (17), yesterday he was sentenced to three years in prison. Three years…

A.T. used a knife which he apparently always carried to kill Hristovski.

After an indictment was filed by the Basic Public Prosecutor’s Office in Skopje, the Basic Criminal Court in Skopje on 1.06.2020 passed a verdict finding the defendant guilty of a crime – instant murder under Article 125 of the Criminal Code and sentenced him to three years in prison.

There was a case with a man in Veles who got three years in prison for stealing kebabs.

And a small digression, the man (Pance Angelov) who took part in the events of April 27, 2017 and pulled the hair of Radmila Sekerinska, was sentenced to four years in prison.

Angelov was sentenced to four years in prison for “violence”.

If three years are obtained for murder and four years for violence, then it is clear why Macedonia is de facto considered a lawless pit while its Kangaroo Courts a cancer to society.

Hristovski’s life is less valuable than Sekerinska’s hair.