Macedonian priest refuses to perform rituals for dead SDSM traitors


Nearly a week ago, the respected father of former SDSM MP Vasko Kovachevski died in Bitola.

The former MP wanted to complete the obligations regarding the funeral as soon as possible and headed to church St. Nedela in Bitola. The ex-lawmaker ran into the priest Stefan.

Zdravevski, who was currently in service (otherwise known to the public as a supporter and speaker of the protests against the change of the constitutional name of the Republic of Macedonia), heard about the unfortunate incident about the SDSM’s MP father. The priest received the news and expressed compassion and said:

God will forgive your father, and may he find his rightful place, but I swore that I do not perform rituals for traitors.

The SDSM MP was visibly shaken and astonished by this and tried to ask Zaev for assistance. After not being able to reach the Murtino messiah, he phoned traitor Stefan, the head of MPC.
After this, the MPC head called the Bitola priest with a threatening tone (as a typical head of a church would do), however the Bitola priest did not budge explaining that that he had given a word, swore on his word and there is nothing in the world that will change his opinion.

Immediately after that, another bishop (Petar) pressured the priest, but it was all in vain, the priest Stevan Zdraveski from the Prespa and Pelagonia diocese, headed by Mr. Petar, did not succumb to the pressures.

The dear father of the former MP from the SDSM ranks was buried by another clergyman.

Former SDSM MP Vasko Kovachevski on January 12, 2018 became the new director of REK-Bitola.

  • Goran Stavreski

    I don’t have heroes, but this priest just became a hero.

  • Jole

    Hero Plus, all Macedonians should follow Stefan.

  • Legenda Patriot

    This is only the start. Keep the momentum going. A long journey always starts with a few small steps. This is the first in that direction. Long live Macedonia!!! Never surrender to the traitors!!!!