Macedonians boycott Census, app barely working


Shortly after 11 a.m., census takers alerted the State Statistical Office that they could not access the census application.

The director of the Statistical Office Apostol Simovski told media that the application is not a problem but that the problem is global, ie there is a problem with the Internet throughout the country. Simovski said that they informed Telekom and that they expect the technical issues to be removed as soon as possible and the census to continue normally on the ground, as it did yesterday.

Macedonia’s Telecom then shot back at Simovski that there has been no internet interruption of any kind across the country, and to re-check its “census app” which is hosted in Bulgaria!

Despite illegally making threats to those who refuse to be counted, Simovski admitted there are citizens who refuse to give their information to the census takers, a trend which increases with each passing day.