Macedonia’s beggars get another donation – 13 police cars from Czechia


What would Macedonia do without donations?

The Deputy Minister of Interior of the Czech Republic Jiri Novacek today handed over the donation of vehicles to the Minister Oliver Spasovski. The vehicles were intended for the Department for Organized and Serious Crime.

These vehicles were procured through a public procurement procedure, with earmarked funds donated by the Czech Republic, and several types of vehicles were procured for the needs of various services in the Ministry.
Eight Skoda Octavia (diesel) and five Skoda Scala (petrol) vehicles were received for the Department for Organized and Serious Crime, all with Euro 6 engine with 115 hp and consumption of less than 4 liters of fuel. 100 km, equipped with a high level of additional equipment, which guarantees a high level of safety of the officers who will use them on various tasks.

This is not the first time official Prague has donated police vehicles to Macedonia, a country that spent 1m euros on lubricants for the LGBTQ community, but has no money to purchase shoes for its police force.