Macedonia’s Fake Census postponed for September


The leaders of the ruling SDS and the opposition DPNE, Zoran Zaev and Hristijasn Mickoski, agreed at today’s meeting to postpone the census until September.

“At this moment, the health of the citizens is the most important,” Mickoski said after the meeting.

Asked about the ongoing process of registering the diaspora, Mickoski said it remains open until September. This illegal extension will give tremendous amount of time to DUI and SDS to create the numbers they need to create for the “diaspora”.

On the question of a government for national salvation or an expert government, Mickoski said that the time has not yet come for that.

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The census from the get go has been an utter fiasco, littered with fraud particularly by the ethnic Albanian population living abroad who would commit any crime to increase their percentage in Macedonia.

Such as the idiot below, who has few dozen passports in his possession, which is a crime, does not work in any capacity for the Macedonian Stats Office, but is registering people in bulk, also a crime. He is on twitter complaining that he couldn’t register some of the passports!?

In addition, thousands of IDs have been issued by the Albanian wing at MOI to the diaspora in Belgium and Switzerland to jack up their numbers. This is the same “team” at MOI who have been giving driving licenses to hundreds of ethnic Albanians without taking/passing the driving exam.