Macedonia’s PM Dimitar Kovachevski diagnosed as Mentally Unstable by Psychiatrist in 2001


Macedonia’s current Prime Minister, put into the role by his mentor Zoran Zaev who quit the PM slot around 6 months ago was diagnosed as mentally retarded and unstable by a psychiatrist in 2001.

The news was leaked by DPNE MP Ljupco Prendzov who received the document by the ARM. PM Kovachevski avoided the draft during the conflict in 2001 by submitting a doctor’s diagnosis that he is “mentally unstable with evident mental retardation, a danger to himself and his surroundings“.

This permanent diagnosis was documented and issued by a psychiatrist to a relevant Governmental body in 2001.

By law, in Macedonia an individual with such diagnosis cannot serve in a public office.

For Kovachevski, specifically, according to the documents we’ve obtained… he should be in a mental asylum. Instead, he is an unelected Prime Minister of Macedonia.


Let’s not forget Ali Ahmeti, diagnosed by the Swiss Government as schizophrenic.