Macedonia’s PM Kate Byrnes announces the arrival of not 90, 190, but 450+ Afghans


The number of refugees from Afghanistan that Macedonia has pledged to accommodate continues to grow every hour, and currently stands at about 450. By the time this is published, it will likely be 1,200 Afghans. This includes the 200 persons that the CIA aligned NDI agency ordered Macedonia to receive, on an alleged temporary basis. As concerns in the public grow, Zaev’s criminal Government today insisted that there will be no security risks from its decision to open the border.

The refugees will likely be housed in hotels, until their asylum applications to the US or other countries can be processed – this can take two or more years. The Macedonian Government insisted that this does not represent a refugee crisis and that the refugees are “peaceful Afghan citizens who are threatened by the Taliban extremists”. The refugees will be exempt from the visa requirements and NDI, the US Government and other institutions will cover the cost of their accommodation.

The one question anyone with a functioning brain cell would have for the lying US Administration is this: If these Afghans were all vetted individuals as currently presented, who supposedly worked for US backed diplomatic missions and NGOs, why take them to staging countries so they can be vetted, processed & approved again? Weren’t they vetted already? Why not bring them straight to the USA?

Neighboring countries like Bulgaria, are preparing for the expected influx of refugees from Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, America’s request for “temporary” housing is so believable, nations like Greece, Hungary, Denmark, (even) Germany, Austria, Poland … have immediately stated they will not accept a single Afghan ‘refugee’ on their territory.