Macedonia’s SEC encouraging Fraud in 2nd round of voting


With 4 days left, Macedonia’s State Electoral Commission has changed the voting instructions, allowing polling station boards to count and accept ballots that have not been stamped by the board itself. If your reaction is one if dismay, you’re not alone. This means that you as a voter, can have in your pocket 100 ballots and submit them all into the ballot box! They would be counted!

This is absurd and in clear violation of the electoral code. One member of the SEC, Krenar Lega, who was nominated by the AA, protested the decision and walked out of the meeting. All other members approved the proposal. If you suspect the SEC members received bribe for this insanity, you wouldn’t be far off.

Boards are required to stamp the ballot before giving it to the voters. Accepting unstamped ballots will encourage all sorts of election theft such as chain-voting.

Aleksandar Dashtevski, propozim i VMRO-DPMNE-së për kryetar të KSHZ-së |