Macedonia’s smaller parties won’t support early elections


The smaller parties told the DPNE’s leader, Hristijan Mickoski, not to count on their support for early parliamentary elections. They are adamant that changing the electoral model from six to one constituency is a positive step, but that it does not mean they would be supporting Mickoski’s idea of early parliamentary elections.

DOM leader Maja Moracanin said that the opposition has the right to demand early elections, but DOM does not plan to change its side, nor to be one of the parties that will support the dissolution of Parliament. DOM has lucrative financial contracts with the Government and has no plans on losing those.

The Democratic Union leader Pavle Trajanov who is part of every Government for 20 years also said they would not support the initiative for early parliamentary elections, stressing that the Democratic Union does not participate in any activities of the opposition, unless the opposition becomes the Government, then Trajanov would consider changing sides, as he has done six times in the past.