Macron: Referendum is to rename Macedonia, nothing to do with EU


Rothschild’s bus boy and president of France took time today to speak in a video address dedicated to the Macedonian people. When have you seen the president of France delivering a video address to the Macedonian people? The globalist psychopaths ain’t kidding around, they really would do anything to change Macedonia’s biblical name.

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In his video message, Macron essentially nullified every idiotic statement dished out by Zaev and Dimitrov, not that anyone believes a word by Zaev or Dimitrov. The French president countered every lie by the SDS junta.

For starters: Macron stated the referendum is solely to rename Macedonia, it has nothing to do with EU, where “your country has ways to go to become a member”. In addition, the referendum was a good way to change the Constitution, added Macron.

Macedonia’s dedicated shit eaters (Zaev Dimitrov & Sekerinska) claim the Referendum is for “European Macedonia”. Clearly, not the case, Macron put it nicely “Referendum is for NORTH Macedonia, Not European Macedonia”.

In other words, Macedonia can change the name, constitution and everything in between, and it will not become a member of the EU for at least a decade, instead the one thing that will remain is the epic humiliation, cultural and historical genocide over all Macedonians, something Greece has been working on since 1913.

Macron: The Referendum is to change the Constitution, passports, all documents and institutions in the country.
Zaev and Dimitrov (who still won’t come out of the closet) continue to lie that the referendum is for free EU healthcare (??!), 25,000 euros for every farmer (?!?), free education (!??). None of this is true today in the EU, quite the opposite.

Macron also kept to the point of the Prespa agreement where Macedonia, albeit hilariously is not mentioned anywhere (which makes the agreement illegal).
Macron: You, and Greece, your country, you… the French president kept to it, wouldn’t even utter an “M”, just like Zaev.
So, if you weren’t clear before what the Referendum is for, Macron explained it.


Квантен скок до Бардовци*

Posted by Владимир Котевски on Saturday, September 22, 2018

  • Maco

    Only the albanians and the stupid imbocile Macedonians will vote. The smart and patriotic Macedonians will boycott. This won’t stop the psycho Zaev. It’s up to the Macedonian people to stop him. Doesn’t anyone in Macedonia have a gun, a rope or even a pitchfork.