Mafiadonia’s president refuses to sign law that legalizes all illegal structures


President Stevo Pendarovski informed Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi that he decided not to sign the Decree promulgating the Law on Determining the Legal Status of Illegally Constructed Buildings, the  President’s Officei nformed.

According to the President, the law, is contrary to some of the fundamental values of the Constitution, as well as to constitutional provisions that arise or are related to the fundamental values of the Constitution.

Also, I believe that the text of the law has no social justification, ie it is not aimed at protection and promotion of the public interest, which is the basic task of every institution of public government, said President Penadrovski.

He also urged all MPs, regardless of political affiliation, and guided by the letter of the Constitution and the public interest, to think well before deciding again on this law.

Macedonian mobsters and political figures have usurped hundreds of acres of public land, built structures, in some cases high-rise buildings and needed a law to legalize all of the criminal activities. Just a reminder, both the SDSM and the supposed opposition DPNE voted in favor of this law.

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