Magic is gone: Disney to fire 32,000 people


The coronavirus pandemic continues to hurt businesses across the world and Disney is no exception. On Wednesday, Disney provided an update on the company’s finances and it says it plans to let thousands of workers go in 2021.

According to Disney’s Form 10-K that was filed to the U.S. government, the company said it plans to terminate about 32,000 employees, primarily from the “Park, Experiences and Products” departments during the first half of the 2021 fiscal year.

Back in September, Disney announced it would lay off 28,000 workers. A spokesperson with Disney told FOX 11 in Los Angeles that the new figure (32,000 projected layoffs) includes the previously announced park layoffs (28,000 projected layoffs).

“During fiscal 2020 and continuing into fiscal 2021, the world has been, and continues to be, impacted by COVID-19. COVID-19 and measures to prevent its spread impacted our segments in a number of ways, most significantly at Parks, Experiences and Products where our theme parks were closed or operating at significantly reduced capacity for a significant portion of the year, cruise ship sailings and guided tours were suspended since late in the second quarter and retail stores were closed for a significant portion of the year.”