Major escalation between Israel and Syria/Iran


Some of the missiles Israel launched into Syrian territory have broken through the air defenses deployed by Damascus and hit a radar site, state media outlet SANA said, citing a military source.

The missile barrage, reportedly launched by Israeli warplanes from outside Syrian territory, took place late Wednesday evening into early Thursday morning and targeted areas in the Quneitra and Homs areas near Damascus. Syrian air defense systems responded and shot down “tens” of incoming missiles, according to SANA.

“Air defenses confronted tens of Israeli rockets and some of them reached their target and destroyed one of the radar sites,” the source cited by SANA said.

Videos posted online by locals appear to show flashes from air defense missiles visible from the capital.

The Israeli army said it was attacking “Iranian targets” inside Syria. It earlier said its positions in the occupied part of the Golan Heights were targeted by some 20 missiles launched by “Iranian forces” from the Syrian-controlled part. At about the same time, Syrian media reported Israeli shells hitting the country’s territory. Neither of those attacks resulted in any casualties, according to official sources.

Israel has been claiming that Iran is setting up bases of operations in Syria in order to stage attacks against the Jewish state. It has launched numerous air strikes against Syrian government-controlled territories, targeting alleged Iranian positions, however all attacks seems to have aided various terror groups including ISIS who operate in Syria against the Government.

Israel has launched three attacks in the past two days since Trump rescinded the nuke treaty with Iran.

  • Its Just Me

    I wonder if EU will send Mogerini there…?
    Now that EU wants to keep peace there, and US and Russia backed out of the deal.. how is EU gonna do this

  • Its Just Me

    Maybe Iran can become a member of EU, to make sure the nuclear deal is really for certain…

  • V.M.

    US backed out because Iran stopped using dollars for oil trade. But, unlike Saddam, iran is smart and said they will be using euros. If they stopped using euros, the french and british would line up first to attack iran.