MANU debates: How to bypass Ivanov and rename the people without their approval


Professor Vankovska: In Macedonia, if you haven’t gone crazy by now, something is seriously wrong with you. 

Vlado Jovanovski after the death of Ljubisha Georgievski: In Macedonia, the living are extremely jealous of the dead for being free and not being here…

The above quotes by Ss Cyrul and Methodius University professor Biljana Vankovska and actor Vlado Jovanovski pretty much sums up what is happening in Macedonia. And speaking of quotes, the most famous one surely comes from the man himself, Ljubisha Georgievski (Parliament Speaker 2006-2008): Macedonia doesn’t exist for it to be destroyed, it exists to be the thorn in the eye of those who wish to destroy it.

Today, Macedonia’s so called “Academy of Sciences” (MANU), an ironic name for an institution that has never had anything to do with Science, held a debate surrounding the Prespa Agreement. The debate was not whether this genocidal document is legal or valid, but the focus was how to bypass the ‘problem’ with presient Ivanov who refuses to sign the genocidal document.

Professors Svetomir Skaric and Vlado Kambovski took idiocy and dilettantism to new heights when they proposed instead of Ivanov, the agreement to be signed by UCK’s Talat Xhaferi who was illegally installed as Parliament speaker.  To give you an idea of the individuals at MANU involved in the debate… Svetomir Skaric is the idiot who called for confederation between Macedonia and wait for it… Taiwan. He is also behind the recognition of Taiwan – did it after getting $20,000 from Washington. This is who is debating Macedonia’s future.

But not all is lost. Zaev and the SDS have introduced a law that will criminally charge the president for not signing genocidal agreements. The SDS law, will become valid once it’s signed by Ivanov. Why watch comedies when you can simply follow the situation in Macedonia.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Where is the guillotine? Clean up the whole lot of the stinking scum and remove them from the gene pool of humanity forever!!!

  • Goran Stavreski

    Skaric and Kambovski are in their 80’s ? Kambovski was an official in Yugoslavia, even back then was considered a complete moron… a communist moron.
    How are these people still discussing things…

  • Sam Sule

    who will fix the mess, the new generations?