Mickoski: Bulgaria living in Medieval Times – there won’t be constitutional changes


Prime Minister Hristijan Mickoski expressed readiness to speak with the Bulgarian leadership, after critical comments from Sofia. Bulgarian President Rumen Radev accused Macedonia of violating the rights of ethnic Bulgarians and said that Bulgaria can’t allow Macedonia to enter the EU.

We can’t be good neighbours if we don’t respect each other. I regret that we hear such messages from our eastern neighbour. I thought that such statements belonged to the Middle Ages but unfortunately we see politicians in contemporary Europe, in the 21 century, who speak in this way. Despite it all I’m prepared to sit with them. I wish Borisov forms the new Government as we come from the same political family, from the EPP. But my message to them is that the time of servile spineless politicians, is over. We had politicians who in the name of the European flag plundered and humiliated their county.

Mickoski said that building good neighbourly relations is a two way street and reminded Radev that there are 14 verdicts of the European Court of Human Rights declaring that Bulgaria violated the rights of its Macedonian minority.