Mickoski forgets Ivanov: Vote for Goga Soros, problems are fixed from within


It’s become quite evident that panic has set among DPNE’s leadership with two weeks to go until the presidential elections.
Mickoski, during a poorly attended rally in Demir Hisar claimed those who call for boycott worked for Zaev and the SDS.

There are those who say that they will be boycotting the elections in order not to legitimize the adjective of the new name. All right, I understand those people. But, an increasing number of them give up and are joining us.” The DPNE certainly wishes this was the case, however, just the opposite is happening – DPNE’s membership is rapidly dwindling – multiple polls have been conducted by both the DPNE and SDS and the numbers look terrible, as a result no poll has been made public.

Mickoski, the definition of a fake patriot whose MPs joined Zaev, calls others “fake patriots”… the irony…

The only chance to fix things is on April 21st and May 5th. The chance is unique because things are changed from inside, not from the outside. But there are those fake patriots with scenarios prepared from the SDS who will attempt to disrupt the peace. We will not forget this and we will remember them”, said Miskovski in Demir Hisar.

According to Mickoski, things are changed/fixed from the inside, therefore, your attendance and vote for Goga Soros is needed. It would be only fair if someone tells Mickoski that DPNE’s G. Ivanov has been the president for the last five years. If they were interested in changing things from the inside, this sort of information would be quite useful.

  • neutrinoz

    Whadda selective memory. With a touch of threat and trait. With deliberate none recall of protesting people and jailed martyrs.

    His tra-la-la one man orchestra under Reekker expires. With our books constantly cleansed and rewritten fortunately we still recall a lot more. Like 3000 years and more.
    Македонија вечна.

  • Legenda Patriot

    Mickoski is another treasonous fuckwit. Hopefully the people will have realised this by now. Mochko eden.

  • Liberty

    You guys are annoying! You post pointless garbage and have nothing of substance to say. It seems that this news portal has been hijacked by the new government, along with the few posters on this thread!

  • Macedonian Forever

    Do you want to know why the EU doesn’t want us? Simple we can’t be trusted as a nationality. What kind of partners are we when we won’t even defend our name, ourselves. We sold not only our name but our souls. Who in their right mind does this? There should be no amount of money or even reason to betray Macedonia and the Macedonian cause, but it seems everyone is in on it.