Milenko brings guests involved in Maidan coup in Ukraine


Watch this incredible interview of foreign ex military men from Gruzia who were recruited to start the chaos in Kiev which kick started the coup.

Pay close attention to how easy the Gruzian military men were recruited (for just a $1,000) and were kept unaware of the real mission until the end when guns were introduced. The Americans kept their “public” involvement at minimum, however did have an operative present at the Ukraine Hotel, which was the main staging ground for all operations including the main base for the hired snipers.

Lithuanians were the most eager of all snipers, however many report after the coup have suggested two Polish teams were introduced as well who were described just as eager, if not more. The West brought nearly dozen teams, taking into account that some would refuse to shoot at unarmed civilians and police. Half were sent to the Conservatory building, the other half appears to have been placed at the hotel.

Ukrainians who ‘assisted’ with the operations at the Ukraina Hotel were all given high ranking positions in the new Government.

It’s a fascinating interview, and this is just the first part of how ex military men from the Soviet bloc desperate for money are hired by the West and used to destabilize countries, Governments.

  • jj

    And one of the identified Georgian snipers who admits his role in the interview seems angriest that they weren’t paid their 5,000 euros or dollars they were promised. I’ve noticed many of these hired thugs will later spill the beans if they weren’t paid enough or come to feel they were used.

    • Goran Stavreski

      The crazy thing is… for 5k you have to be killing civilians!??!? It’s 5 f-ing k!
      But then again, the CIA knows who they recruit…