Milenko Nedelkovski interview with Austrian Diplomat


Popular Macedonian journalist Milenko Nedelkovski visited former Austrian Ambassador to Macedonia Harald Kotschy.
What does Kotschy think of Maceonian politicians and the overall situation, here are excerpts from the interview:

– Present day VMRO is not the same as old VMRO (no kidding).
– VMRO is not good at public relations or with the media. SDS sent their only English speaking MP (Shekerinska) to all Embassy conferences where she bad mouthed Macedonia and the Government. VMRO either didn’t send anyone, or sent a very low ranking official.

– SDS will complete a hat trick: changed the flag, the UN acronym and will now change the name.
– All western Embassies are staffed by SDS and Soros activists.
– You don’t fight western fascism with peaceful protests. You always lose.

– If Albanians ask for Tetovo, Kicevo, Presevo, Gostivar… they will get it because they are hosting US bases.
– Macedonia is run as a colony by few foreign ambassadors. Your politicians let them.

It’s a great interview with a foreign diplomat who gives you an outsider’s perspective, certainly worth watching. He has spent four years in Macedonia and frequently visits the country to this day. Harald Kotschy is one of the few pro Macedonian western ambassadors who worked in the country and often pens articles in the Vienna press regarding Macedonia.