Moscow and Pyongyang sign Military Pact – North Korea is getting ICBMs from Russia


Russia and North Korea signed a mutual aid defense pact, a fact that changes the situation in Asia and… Ukraine.

Russia and North Korea are now obliged to help each other in the event of an attack by the US or a third country, upsetting South Korea’s operational plans. North Korea has 3 million active soldiers. It is not yet clear whether Pyongyang will immediately send North Korean troops to Ukraine. This option is on the table and depending on the turn of events will be activated.

In addition – and this is the most important thing that directly concerns Cyprus due to the British base in Akrotiri – Russia will equip North Korea with modern missiles, medium and long range, while it will deliver nuclear technology. The target is American bases in South Korea, Japan and Guam.

Once again, V. Putin puts into practice what he said : “The enemy of my enemy is my friend. I will give missiles to your enemies”.

The Russian leader commented on the signing of the new treaty, stating that it provides for assistance in the event of an attack against one of the treaty countries. According to experts, it is essentially a military defense alliance of the two states, which will be obliged to come to the aid in the event of an attack .

So, in the event of a NATO attack on Russia, North Korea will provide us with military assistance. Accordingly, we will come to its rescue in the event of an attack on North Korea by South Korea and the United States.

The agreement is of a defensive and peaceful nature, the Russian president added, according to which North Korea has the right to self-defense. In this context, Putin added that the two countries stand against states that impose politically motivated sanctions.

According to TASS the agreement will replace treaties signed in 1961 and 2000-2001 with the advisor to the Russian president Yuri Ushakov explaining that “the new agreement was made due to the rapid developments in the geopolitical situation in the world and the region”.

Earlier, Kim Jong Un had assured Russia of his “full support” and of his “solidarity” in its conflict with Ukraine.

North Korea “expresses its full support and solidarity with the government, military and people of Russia in conducting the special military operation in Ukraine to protect the sovereignty, security interests and territorial integrity” of their country, said Kim.

In the framework of the signing of an agreement with Pyongyang, Putin drew attention to the statements of the United States and other NATO countries about the supply of high-precision weapons systems and aircraft to Ukraine for attacks on Russia.

“I would like to draw your attention to the statements of the United States and other NATO countries regarding the supply of high-precision long-range weapon systems, F-16 aircraft and other high-tech weapons and equipment to strike on Russian soil.

In fact, these are no longer just statements, this is already happening. And all this is a flagrant violation of the restrictions undertaken by Western countries in the context of various international obligations. In this regard, the Russian Federation does not rule out the development of military-technical cooperation with the DPRK in accordance with the document signed today,”  the head of the Kremlin said.

The defense agreement is of course directed against NATO and the AUKUS alliance.