New Diaspora Minister is Ademi, Ramiz Merko to attract Foreign Investments


Kurir reports Zaev has appointed Edmond Ademi as the new Minister for Macedonia’s diaspora. By diaspora, we actually mean the albanian diaspora in Bern, Switzerland which has already gifted Zaev with a large residential property there.

There is no Macedonian diaspora and Macedonians outside of Macedonia, according to the new Government. Ademi himself is well known for his anti-Macedonian remarks in general and was calling for bloodshed during last year protests.

But it’s not all bad. FDI (foreign direct investments) coordinator Viktor Mizo will be replaced by former Struga mayor Ramiz Merko who comes equipped with a multi-decade distinguished career of waving people in to park their vehicles. He’s also been convicted of abusing his office 12 times between 2006-2012.

Merko, who doesn’t speak foreign languages, and often struggles with Macedonian will meet with CEO’s of Fortune 100 companies and convince them to invest in Macedonia. How will he do this, we for one would like to know, because this is how Nobel prizes are won.

Will he be waving investors in, somehow… perhaps like this?

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