Nimetz meeting with president Ivanov


The UN special envoy for the talks between Macedonia and Greece on the name issue, Matthew Nimetz, is scheduled to meet President Gjorge Ivanov Sunday afternoon at 17:15h, the President’s Cabinet said in a press release.

Nimetz comes to Skopje on an invitation of Macedonia’s Government with the purpose of discussing the way forward in the UN-brokered talks aimed at finding a mutually acceptable solution to the name issue, the UN said in a press release.

Nimetz’s visit to Athens, based on an invitation of the Government of the Hellenic Republic, is being scheduled as soon as possible following the one to Skopje, the press release reads.

Ahead of hid visit in an interview with the Alsat TV ‘360 Degrees’ program, Nimitz says it is good that the new government immediately expresses willingness for resuming the negotiations.

‘There is a new government in Skopje with fresh ideas about this issue. For the last few years, due to various reasons, the time was not appropriate for intensive, serious talks about the name issue. I hope the focus is returning to this rather significant issue. I am going to meet the parties and test their readiness for serious progress but I will not bring new proposal,’ Nimetz said.

The last Nimetz’s visit to the two countries took place in late July of 2014.