‘North’ banknotes to appear in 2020


The first Northern banknotes will be released at the beginning of 2020, said National Bank governor Anita Angelovska-Bezhoska on Thursday.

As the Governor informed, banknotes of 500 denars will be released first, and then banknotes of 10 denars.

Money has a natural cycle of utilization that will be taken into account when releasing the new banknotes, as well as the need for releasing new money, said Anegelovska-Bezhoska.

Answering a journalist question after the presentation of the spring macroeconomic projects, the governor noted that the new banknotes will not be written in Albanian, but for that, there will be additional consultations in accordance with the legal and constitutional framework. Angelovska-Bezhovska reminded that at the moment the banknotes contain symbols from the Albanian culture.

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