Nutjob Zaev getting desperate: I’ll quit, just go and vote “No” in referendum


Zaev’s latest attempt at obtaining referendum attendance is allegedly throwing a bone to the people that he will quit if people vote “No”. This kindergarten attempt at a lie comes from Zaev’s already seen factory of lies. Fully aware of the public’s hatred towards him, the SDS leader apparently tries to utilize that momentum to trick people into getting out to vote.

By the time we publish this column, Zaev will change his mind and will come up with something else. However, the level of desperation for the Anglo-American fascists and Zaev’s handlers has already reached a boiling point.
As MINA has reported in the past, the foreign governor in Macedonia (US Ambassador Jess Baily), desperately needs attendance in order to commit referendum fraud (stuff ballot boxes with “Yes” votes).

Judging by the public reaction to the Krushevo visit of US State Department shill Mathew Palmer and Government mafioso Kocho Angjushev, the writing is on the wall, the referendum will fail.

As a result, Zaev has tried from threatening people to go out and vote, if they don’t vote the referendum will somehow become valid, to lying he would quit if people boycott to now offering resignation of the Government if people vote “no”… imagine that. Whatever it takes to try and trick people into voting. This is from a man who swore on his children he would never try to change the Constitutional name!?

MINA finds, Jess Baily has asked of Zaev to get roughly 700,000 votes in attendance, the other 100-150,000 votes will be “provided” via ballot stuffing by Zaev’s criminal gangs, and all of this will be approved in the end by the Anglo-American fascists who call themselves “the international community”.

The Government in June and July conducted two polls which were never made public, because the poll results were disastrous for Zaev’s handlers. Majority of the country > 74% will boycott the referendum, hence Zaev’s latest offers to allegedly quit, but only if people went out to vote “No”.
DUI’s Bujar Osmani tried to help Zaev.. Osmani continues to cruelly deprive a village somewhere of an idiot…

Desperate times…

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  • R_U_Jhoking

    Бојкотирам црпко

  • Legenda Patriot

    I’ve said it before and again, bring the exterminators in. This disease must be cleansed. Enough of the scum and filth!